Casa Roja Multimedia Center

Written by on 30th August 2023

As the inaugural program under the A.M.A. Media Pathway Project, Casa Roja Multimedia Center in Los Angeles is the prototype for a series of satellite production studios that provide the community access to a wide array of multimedia equipment and hands-on training.

Casa Roja Multimedia Center is housed at the L.A. Workers Center, a community space with over 100 years of history of essential involvement in the workers’ struggle, which has propelled sustainable changes locally and globally. It is an important gathering space for numerous organizing groups throughout Los Angeles and beyond.

Casa Roja is home to other projects such as a community garden, artists gallery, and community event rooms equipped with a full-size kitchen, large dining area, and stage area.

Live video streaming, multiple podcast stations, multi-track recording, video recording, rehearsal space, meeting space, isolation booth

Casa Roja Multimedia Center broadcast control booth

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