Author: Laura Cambron

As the inaugural program under the A.M.A. Media Pathway Project, Casa Roja Multimedia Center in Los Angeles is the prototype for a series of satellite production studios that provide the community access to a wide array of multimedia equipment and hands-on training. Casa Roja Multimedia Center is housed at the L.A. Workers Center, a community […]

Featured here is our short bus, (still working on a name, stay tuned) With a ton of engine repairs, bodywork, and interior work, the bus is finally 100% up and running. As Que4 continues to grow and expand, the idea for this bus is to be multi-use. We retrofitted the bus in a way that […]

“A.M.A. Media Pathway Project” is a program created by “Que4 Media Network” in loving memory of Alejandro Morales-Aponte geared towards helping existing independent spaces, artist organizations, NFP’s, DIY collaboratives, after-school programs, instructors, educators, and much more, across all mediums of multi-media. -Multitrack recording – Video Broadcasting -Lighting/Electrical -Radio Broadcasting -Voiceovers -Set Design -Video podcasting – […]

In an effort to project the talented voices of Chicago’s arts & culture community, we have launched the Que4 TV Network. We document the innovation and movements of entrepreneurs, musicians, collaboratives, cultural centers and independent spaces. Our video production studios are equipped to produce a wide range of content, in studio or Virtual. Equipped with […]

The Que4 TV video production studio’s are equipped to broadcast a wide range of content, in studio, on location or Completely virtual. Que4 aslo has mobile Production rigs to take out doors or offsite locations.. We have been behind the scenes producing live video streams, virtual concerts, fundraisers, Discussions,  musical series, and independent concepts, working […]

Dwight White   Dwight is a passionate self-taught artist with original concepts inspired by local and international experiences. Driven by culture and a deep understanding of diverse insights, he explores a range of subjects and mediums utilizing distinct styles and color variations. Dwight’s love for the growing art community in Chicago has allowed him to […]

The Importance of Art: Creativity as a Basic Human Trait By Jess   What is art for you? Is it the way the sun shines through your window in the morning? Is it the graffiti (or street art) you pass on the side of a building? Is it the smiles of strangers that pass you […]

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