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Que4’s resource-sharing initiative, in collaboration with the A.M.A. Media Pathway Project, aims to expand the traditional notion of multimedia.  Since 2006 Que4 has been supporting organizations and independent artists/collaboratives with resources to help further their programs/productions. Que4 continues its mission of providing support by offering the necessary tools for event and A/V productions.     […]

Becoming a member helps sustain our mission to keep creating platforms and safe places for artists and musicians, organizations and collaboratives etc. We keep getting the word out there into the world about each initiative that our mission empowers. Becoming a member also has perks such as use of the community spaces and our resources […]

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7th January 2019

Podcast station

We have Multiple podcast recording studio setup’s with four microphones  with option of live phone calls and your choice of multi-track recording or one-track stereo L/R recording, using the Logic DAW on Mac desktops. our podcast set up’s can also do video broadcasting and recording as well. By becoming a member you can gain access […]

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26th February 2018

Que4 Radio is a 501c3 non-profit geared towards cultivating the diversity of Chicago in all its shapes and forms. We bring you free-form programming, where we train every broadcaster to produce shows entirely on their own. You are listening to radio in its truest form, with some of Chicago’s most diverse radio programs. Everything from […]

Latinta, a name combining the words “La” & “Tinta” which translates to “The Ink”. The art of screen printing has been around for thousands of years. Using the same principles, we here at Latinta have kept the skills alive. We strive to keep a combination of craft and culture to all that we do. Our […]

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18th February 2018

  The arts were hit hard by the pandemic, the Que4 space was not able to survive the shutdown, we are now operating bare bones in order to better assist & provide for our communities, while we work to rebuild Que4 and work towards buying a building to make the new que4 headquarters.   The […]

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