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Que4 has produced hundreds of cultural events, fundraisers, art shows, block parties and festivals since 2006. We have also helped many organizations and projects produce their own events. We have acquired multiple stages, sound systems and production equipment to make these resources more accessible to the community, allowing the community to keep Chicago’s culture vibrant […]

We have a fully equipped rehearsal space with drums, PA System, microphones and guitar and base back-line that can be used for small groups, bands and singer or song writer rehearsals. We also have a vocal/isolation booth for recording. We have hourly rates or monthly membership. Contact Us or email for more information

Que4 Studios has three different multi-use spaces. Two have stages with sky lights. Each has their own vibe and aesthetic look. You can choose rooms with either brick walls or white walls. We also have lighting and backdrop stands. We can do hourly rates or monthly memberships. Contact Us or email for more information

Becoming a member helps sustain our mission to keep creating platforms and safe places for artists and musicians, organizations and collaboratives etc. We keep getting the word out there into the world about each initiative that our mission empowers. Becoming a member also has perks such as use of the community spaces and our resources […]

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7th January 2019

Podcast station

We have a podcast recording studio setup with four microphones with option of live phone calls and your choice of multi-track recording or one-track stereo recording, using the Logic recording program on an Apple iMac. We can do hourly rates or monthly memberships. Use the contact form for more information.

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26th February 2018

Que4 Radio is a 501c3 non-profit geared towards cultivating the diversity of Chicago in all its shapes and forms. We bring you free-form programming, where we train every broadcaster to produce shows entirely on their own. You are listening to radio in its truest form, with some of Chicago’s most diverse radio programs. Everything from […]

Latinta, a name combining the words “La” & “Tinta” which translates to “The Ink”. The art of screen printing has been around for thousands of years. Using the same principles, we here at Latinta have kept the skills alive. We strive to keep a combination of craft and culture to all that we do. Our […]

Que4 Radio’s newest project is our community center, housing the Que4 Radio station itself, Latinta Prints & Designs, LOUD Arts Recording and Jam Studio, The legendary Chicago artist and sculptor Keith Brownly, Star Creature Record Label, Que4 Productions, Seamstress Steph Colgen, and Massage Therapist and Healer Yvette Magallon The idea behind our Production Studio is […]

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