Que4 Audio/Video Support

As part of our resources initiative we have acquired a large amount of event production gear to make accessible to community organizations, collaboratives, and orgs who continue to be a vibrant part of Chicago’s culture. Contact Us or email que4radio@gmail.com


Check out our inventory below:

-Midas M32R  with Ipad
-Allen & Heath wz3 16:2
-Allen & Heath wz 14:4:2
-Allen & Heath Xone:62
-Mackie PROFX12
-Mackie Onyx 1640i
– Powered QSC KW152 (pair)- comes with monitor & two single 18′ turbo sound subs
– Powered Electro Voice ELx15 (pair)- comes with monitor & sub
(Sound System 1)
2 JBL SRX 722’s
2 Turbo Sounds subs
QSC power amps
(Sound System 2 )
-2 JBL SRX 722 tops
-2 Electro-Voice double 18 subs
-2 QSC 2450’s
-1 QSC 4050hd
-DBX PA & speaker management processor
-Electro-Voice subprocessor
(Sound System 3)
– 2 JBL SRX 722’s
– 2 JBL SRX 728’s
-2 QSC 5050’s
-2 QSC PLX 3602
-Turbo sound digital loudspeaker management processor

(All of our stages comply with city municipal codes for outdoor use)

(Stage 1)
16×12 Wenger stage
(6 4×8 sections ) in perm install at Que4 Radio Studios

(Stage 2)
This stage is one of our most versatile stages. It is an all terrain stage and can be used as stand alone 4×8 sections, or be used in the 8×8, 8×12, 16×12 or the full 16×16 configuration. The 16×12 configuration has a canopy tent to can go over it. This stage is great for runway shows performances, festivals, block parties, risers for models, drum sets, etc…

(Stage 3)
8×12 Wenger stage, fold out legs, can be used as stand alone sections, small performances. Has skirts and stairs

(Stage 4)
Sisco multi-height stage. This stage comes in single 6x8ft sections, 12×8 or the full 12×16 configurations. It can be elevated to 24′, 32’, 40 inch heights, comes with skirts, guard rails and stairs for accommodating all desired stage heights. This requires a box truck to move around and is an awesome looking stage!

-2 Moving spots
-2 10ft LED color changing totems
-20 LED can multi-colored themes
-2 Aqua lights
-Fog machine
-Laser lights

-2 18ft truss lifts with 20ft trussing (this truss would go with the stage with the canopy)

-2 8 ft truss lifts with 15 ft truss (this truss would go with the multi-height stage on the stage as a background to project video, banners, lighting, etc.)

-2 stand alone 8ft lighting tree stands

-7 Shure sm57’s
-5 Shure sm58’s
-EV drum mic set
-2 Projectors
-4 Projection screens
-2 Zoom Q4 concert cameras (live streaming and event recording)
-1 Sony HXR-NX70U NXCAM (live streaming and event recording)
-Audio snakes
-All cabling for all sound systems, mics, etc
-7,000 Watt Generator (we have larger generators upon request)
-6 Vendor tents
-20 6ft Vendor tables

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