Quennect 4′s Radio Project 1680AM and internet broadcast at Que4.org is a community radio station operating in the artists communities of Chicago. Our focus is on providing an alternative media source for art, news, and activism throughout our communities. A large focus is on independent programming that highlights local artists, musicians, hosts, and activists.


Quennect 4 Radio is an independent registered 501(c)3 radio project formed to create a community source of media focusing on the arts, community, and activism. All programming and music is homegrown a result of our communities creativity.




AM1680, Q4 radio is a civic and community non-profit media Organization. Created to reflect, Support, Uplift and Empower the diversity of Chicago, to be the preeminent support for the arts and local music in Chicago, Progressive activist community towards positive social changes, and to be a resource for Chicago small business through innovative and affordable advertising.Our mission is to provide a healthy alternative to mainstream media by creating a station that is not only for the people but entirely created by the people.