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News? What News? takes breaking news in local and national politics and breaks it down further .... into little pieces... so join hosts Darren Marshall and Katie Klein as we make news ... funny .. with special guests and special segments from 4-6 Central time every Tuesday on Que4Radio !

Darren Marshall ( also known as “The Gay Agenda”) is a Chicago comedian (via Philadelphia) with a background in music ,dance and “a day job” ,while Katie Klein has a background in television and radio reporting in the Mid-West and South ....and “ a day job” ....


News ? What News? takes breaking news and breaks it even further … into little pieces ! Join Darren Marshall and Katie Klein  as well as special guests as they take a comedic look at news as it happens …. no ,really … Tuesdays 4-6 Central Time . And only on Que4 . So there !

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