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6D Radio, also known as R6DIO, is a new live show from the cofounders of 6D Networktainment, an artist development nonprofit organization in Chicago. The show covers various topics in music business including networking, negotiating contracts, and more. R6DIO also shines a light on the homegrown talent right in the Windy City.

6D Networktainment is a nonprofit artist development organization in Chicago. It was established to assist Chicago emerging music artists and industry professionals in their careers by our three objectives:

1. Sharing and creating networking opportunities
2. Educating artists on how to navigate through the music industry
3. Bridging the gap between Chicago’s top music professionals and those emerging

6D embodies the concept of “Six Degrees of Separation” which states that everyone is six or fewer steps away from each other and more connected than everyone thinks. The mission is to create a more cohesive artist community and make the Windy City a central hub for music and entertainment.

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