Latinta Prints

Latinta, a name combining the words “La” & “Tinta” which translates to “The Ink”. The art of screen printing has been around for thousands of years. Using the same principles, we here at Latinta have kept the skills alive. We strive to keep a combination of craft and culture to all that we do. Our quality in work transforms any job to a work of art. From work uniforms to fashion apparel. With a wide range of techniques and our creative process, we are able to bring your thoughts and ideas to reality.

The magic doesn’t happen on its own. The two creative minds of Latinta’s founders are what brought this dream to life. With more than 10 years of experience, Latinta is backed up by a power team that is nothing but the best when it comes to printing services.

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Poster Printing

Custom print jobs and graphic detailing with posters.

Print on Cloth

Whether you want to print on a t-shirt or small garmet, our screen printing services can be customized to your needs, whether or not you already have a design.

T-Shirt Designs

Come visit and see our T-shirt designs, pamphlets, posters and business card samples.


We use industry standard equipment suited to meet your printing/screen printing needs.

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